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Bro Me a Penny

August 26, 2008

I decided to face the music and check my balance today. Something that always scares me, It’s never nice to see how broke you are. Alas, my impecunious situation is at an all time worst. I think I’ll join the circus. I hear peanuts are more profitable than pennies in the mid-west farm country, and I’ve always been delighted by contortionists. They say to follow your dream, but my dreams don’t bare much profit.

Seems as though everyone down here wishes to migrate north, to the place where I was born and raised; the place where it costs even more to hold a roof over head and to fill the mouth with small teases for the stomach. I played along with my thoughts and looked up what kind of business could have my kind, the cinematic kind. There is little to bare for a child who has yet to walk tall on the celluloid road all by his own.

Give it TIME… GIVE it time… Give IT time… and when time gives me, I’ll be all over IT.

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