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Top 15 Films of 2008 (that I’ve seen, thus far)

December 26, 2008

Mind you, I’ve yet to see “Doubt”, “Frost/Nixon”, “The Reader”, “The Class”, “Elegy”, “Waltz with Bashir”, “Ballast”, “Man on Wire”, “The Visitor”, “Frozen River”, “Che”, or any other highly anticipated festival winners. BUT, I’ll get to them soon enough, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this list changes a little…


(they’re all winners)

Also: if you click on the posters, you’ll be linked to the film’s imdb page so you can read up if you don’t know about it.


The Wrestler

Rachel Getting Married

Synecdoche New York

Seven Pounds

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Slum Dog Millionaire

The Dark Knight

8 Miles High (Germany, 2007; USA, 2008)

In Bruges

Revolutionary Road


Funny Games


I suggest these films as good examples of what sums up 2008’s top efforts in performance, direction, writing, cinematography, music, editing, effects, originality, and overall fit for critical cinema. This doesn’t mean that each of these films contain high marks for  all of these categories, but each film has enough of at least a few for me to give proper kudos.

Let’s not read into it too much…I’m happy with it.

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