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I’m Back // Here Comes The Pain

April 13, 2009

…Apologies for the 3 weeks of silence…

Here’s the update

-Worked on a television pilot-
-Had a birthday-
-Joined a band-
-Ate a lot
Didn’t exercise-
-Worked on a commercial-
Didn’t sleep-
-Broke a wound-
-Got a rash-
-Drank too much-
-Bought a plane ticket-
-Feeling great
-Feeling fine

There you have it…

Now let’s get back to business

I’ll be playing keys in the band, Lantern (FKA, Lantern Black Lodge). Haven’t quite figure out how/when this is all going down, but it’s coming together.

Teeth of Noka is still plugging away in each pole. We should have some stuff coming together in the coming decades.

-(no taste tests just yet//hold tight)-

Manifest is in the studio for an EP and I’ve been tentatively drafted to come in and shoot the video for their first single off the demo (we’ll find out later which one it will be).

I will also be working with Junebug on her first music video. Director will of course be the lovely Maria Biber-Ferro and I will be the shooter.

All’s well that ends swell. Things are pretty lovely in 2009 so far.

Working more, sleeping less, loving more, hating less.

I’m just glad you’re okay…


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