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A Matter of Rest and Revival

April 23, 2009

Lately, it seems that being lazy or restful is not quite on the menu.

Not that I’m complaining, though… I’ve been quite content actually. I share my time with a new friend, creating new inspirations…new thoughts…a new outlook on things that I don’t believe I’ve thought about in a good long while.

Yet, every time I sleep on my own, it doesn’t feel like sleep. It plays like another chore, just like the rest of them as the days go on into nights and what not. Almost as if lights are beaming through my bed and mind alike while I sleep…burning like traces of sun flares through my eye lids…and I’m watching the whole show. All night.

It is of course just a matter of rest and revival that I’m wearing thin upon. It is of course just all in my head. It is of course that I find my job to be the same thing every day, with no way out other than dreaming about the next outing from that stale, cold, brown slab that supports plastic parts from the penny saver’s business section…otherwise called a desk by those that still believe in it. It’s true, my patience has worn thin and this town is poison.

I only look forward to the moment that I can actually work within the craft that I love…not for it. Not for them. Not for anyone, but it.

A matter of rest…a matter of revival…a matter of change…a matter of believing that some day, not just the personal life will be lovely, but all of it will come full circle and I’ll be happy with every waking moment.

Aside from weekdays being similar to pulling teeth, the world is not at an end.

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