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Oh, How I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

August 3, 2009

It was in my head for eons.

And now I’ve been told via one moccasin telegraph.

I’ve been told that I am no longer here, nor there.

I feel terrible for leaving you in the dust.

6 posts in 3 months? Shame.

I know it is too much to say that I am simply back. I must earn it. I must get you back. One post at a time.

How are you?

I have so much to say. Maybe it was a break well deserved for reasons of gathering thoughts, images, information, etc.

Here’s my rundown for the Summer

1. Had more surgery. All better now.

2. Got the bike in full force. Riding plenty.

3. Going broke. Enough is enough.

4. Finding that photography is becoming a part of my life, more so than cinematography lately.

5. Cleaned up my flickr

6. Still lovin’ the one I’m lovin’. It’s a wonderful thing to be given.

7. My ear feels funny.

8. I miss you.

9. My hair’s getting long.

10. I’m increasing social experiments.

Here comes a new wave of posting. Don’t let me let you down.


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