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I’m a Murderer

March 9, 2010

We’ve had a bit of trouble with mice this month.

At first, I tried to free one that I found in the dog food bag.

Well, he came back.

Then I purchased ultrasonic repellers.

Didn’t work.

We then came to the decision that the little friend had to meet his maker.

Purchased 2 “hygienic, fast, humane” traps.

Turns out we have more than one friend.

Caught two…STILL ALIVE and badly wounded.

This was very unsettling.

Exchanged the ultrasonic repellers for an electronic shock trap.

So far have found 2 dead. Quickly. Efficiently.

But I still hate every bit of this horrible situation.

Please, mice, if you’re listening…

Run away and live!

I have no control over the juicebox.

I’m going to hell


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