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Andrew Wilding & George Augusto’s ANIMA

November 18, 2012


Despite my lack of good form on posting regularly (I need to fix that), it is very rare for me to share short films that I discover on the internet, just because there are few worth sharing. 3 years ago, I caught Andrew Wilding’s PIANO MAN on Vimeo and I was instantly a fan of his creativity and photographic language. The sad part is, Andrew didn’t post anything else since…until now. ANIMA is a bit more arthouse-rounded than PIANO MAN, but it’s also so incredibly simple, original, and tasteful in so many ways. As a cinematographer, I envy the color palette and seasonal inspirations. As a storyteller, it’s quite an inspiration to let go of exposition and allow the mind, eyes, and ears to put together the messages being shared. Enjoy ANIMA. Show Andrew and his collaborator George Augusto (whom I think I actually know through 3rd party acquaintances…weird) some love.

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