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New Album: The Dodos – “Time to Die”

August 5, 2009

The two-piece folk/afro/country-blues union of Meric Long and Logan Kroeger have returned with their third full-length album, Time to Die. The Dodo’s are based in San Francisco, where indie rock, post-punk and folk are progressively becoming more dominant. But, what makes The Dodos stand out is how hard it is to pin them into one genre. With extensive classic training and modern appeal, the duo seems to blossom with bigger sounds as each album releases. Time to Die is more polished than the older two albums, but it still says, “Dodos”. There aren’t as many grand blood-rush solos or spinning rabbit holes of intense drumming found in the new work, but Meric’s voice is still quite blissful and very to-the-point.

Here’s “Fables” from Time to Die

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